Reunion Attire Is...

Several people have asked about it...wear what you want, but we aren't expecting you to dress up! :) Casual attire is great.



Here is the list of those that have purchased their tickets.
Do you want to be on this list? Please purchase tickets, using the button to the right ASAP. Or email brhsclass2000@gmail.com if you would like to mail a check.
(Please let me know if you have paid through Paypal, and don't see your name.)

Kearston Adams
Vicky (Andersen) Sleeman
Derek Anderson
Heidi (Anderson) Hinckley
Joell (Argyle) Rigby
Afton (Barksdale) Hinckley
Riley Buck **
Sadie Christensen
Colten Corbett
Shawn Croney
Amber Darley
Derek Davis
Kassie (DeJarnatt) Voigt
Monica (Eberhard) Jensen
Jacquelin (Evans) Rupp
Jeremy Francom
Tiffani (Fronk) Roche
LeAnn Garbanati
Micah Garbanati
Lisa (Gardner) Mills
Paul Garrett
James Hall
Tangi (Hanks) Reese
Cammie (Harris) Warren
Richard Harris
Danny Hawkes
Jami (Hidalgo) Hobbs
Joni (Hidalgo) McDougal**
Jason Hill
Kristin (Hirschi) Montero
Arianne (Holladay) Duckett
Harmony Holmgren
Celeste (Hurd) Marchant
Mandi (Johnsen) Bingham
Tiffany (Jensen) Olsen
Wade Jeppesen
Lindsey Larson
Rex Larson
Katie Lasley**
Brady Lewis
Holli (Lewis) Christensen
Travis Lund
Brooks (Madsen) Nelson
Tiffany (Mansfield) Christensen
Trevor Marble
Jennie (May) Bruns
Marcie (Meyer) Mitchell
Carli (Misrasi) Jones
Darbie (Munns) Redford
Kara (Munns) Welling
Janet (Nessen) King
Jessi (Newman) Thompson
Jonathan Newman
Chrissi (Nicholas) Roche**
Katie (Okada) Meidell
Brandon Oyler
Jake Oyler
Clifton Palmer
Tawna Perkins
Evelyn (Petersen) Heaton
Jackie (Pierce) Leishman
Kimberly (Profaizer) Lovell
Ryan Pugsley
Chelsi (Rhode) McCorristin
Sharmarie (Rhodes) Busby
Ginger (Rich) Buck**
Darin Richins
Dusty Roche**
Matt Scott
Nate Smith
Gene Stephens
Erin (Sutherland) Wheatley
Mark Taylor
Jason Thompson**
Kisty (Thompson) Morris
Cameron Toone
Jake Tracy
Ladd Udy
Jake Warburton
Joseph Wheatley
Randi (Williams) Hirschi
Nick Wilson
Tyler Woodworth
Casey Zundel

Purchase Reunion Tickets ASAP!!!

Please purchase your tickets ASAP!!! We need to give Maddox a head count so they can order the food & plan accordingly for our party.
We encourage you to purchase your tickets early.
Tickets at the door will be $30/person, cash only.



Please send us your pictures by this Friday, August 6. brhsclass2000@gmail.com, or you can add them to our FB group in group photos.
Thank you


Looking for Classmate information.

Here is a list of classmates we are still looking for, if you know how to get in touch with any of them please let us or them know about the reunion. Thanks!

Jed Abbott Jason Allen Jeffrey Allen Michelle Allred Heidi Anderson Justin Ball Alyson Barfuss Shantell Barnes Jason Belnap Melissa Bennett Lori Bingham Karen Bloxham Mindy Booth Travis Bronson Brennan Burbank Kyle Burns Rebecca Burton Heather Busby Brad Buttars Jonathan Callister Randall Cammack Cory Carlisle Tyler Carter Michael Castagno Brooke Chapman Aaron Checketts Rathana Chhoun Justin Christensen Lindsey Christiansen Joshua Clendenin Justin Cole Jeremy Cook April Copeland Heidi Coziar Ryan Crozier Melissa Dalton Joseph Davenport Jamie Eddings Heather Feller Jonathan Field Skylar Flint Jennifer Garbanati Trisha Gibbs Cheryl Godfrey Jeffrey Grover Tresa Haltiner Jesse Hansen Justin Hansen Cameron Hardy Clint Harris Kimberle Hawkes Nicholas Hawkes Donovan Heap Jeremiah Hess Michelle Hess Lesley Heyder James Hilton Breeanna Holdaway Gordon Holmgren Steven Huggins Angela Irwin Brandon Jackson Tifanee Jaques Amelia Jensen Nolan Jensen Peter Jensen Jared Johnson Tauni Johnson Shanna Jones Randall Keene Candice Lewis Vickylee Macias Galen Manning Chad Martineau Michael Maxfield Matthew May Tricia Merryweather Michael Meyer Sheri Miller Wayne Millsap Peter Montgomery Cory Morris Adam Mower Jennifer Nelson Kirk Nelson Scott Nelson Hank Nielsen Angela Oman Jesse Phillips Crystal Phippen Nora Pirtle Justin Pollock Adam Potter Carson Potter Chelsea Poulsen Valynn Pugsley Elizabeth Rasmussen Dustin Ravsten Jesse Reed Amanda Reyes Lucinda Reyes Jessica Richan Darin Richins Robert Riley Ricky Roche Kelly Rupp Jesse Seager Travis Self Nathan Selin Bonnie Shuman Robin Smith Michael So Carmelita Solis David Stander Eric Stephens Lance Steward Leon Stone Jamie Strong Thai Than Troy Thompson Brooke Tolboe Nic Tree Melissa Tuttle Jonathan Vaughan Michael Vincent Jacob Warren Teena Williams Nathan Winkler Brady Woerner Steven Wood Rachael Wooldridge Hannah Wynn



Hi all,
We have created a new questionnaire. The other one was great for obtaining contact info. This one is more about "Getting To Know YOU!" Even if you filled out the old questionnaire, we ask that you please fill this one out, too.
Thanks, Reunion Committee


In Memoriam

We would like to do a tribute in honor of our deceased classmates. If you were friends with some of the 7 that have passed on, and have pictures that you would like to share, please send them to brhsclass2000@gmail.com
Joni Burnett, Steven Lasley, Joseph Perkins, Crysta Rawlinson, Zeb McDougal, Jami Petersen, Steven Hawkes



Early bird special is almost over. The price will go up to $25, after July 15.
Please submit your pictures for our reunion slideshow. We are looking for Highschool pictures, get together's with friends since highschool, current family pics, etc.


Early Bird Registration $20

You have until July 15th to get this price, after that the price goes to $25 per person. If you will notice to the side there is a "PURCHASE TICKETS" button for your payment convenience. Also, you might notice a "DONATIONS" button, if you would like to donate any additional money to the reunion it would be much appreciated.
If you would prefer to send a check please email us at brhsclass2000@gmail.com, we will give you a physical address to mail your money.

We are still in need of Raffle items. If you have any goods or services to donate, please let us know. (Think massage certificate, photography session, cosmetology services, event tickets, etc.)
We still need pictures, these are due by August 1st.

Don't forget to fill out the questionnaire it will be fun to put all the info together for our reunion.

Any questions, brhsclass2000@gmail.com
Join our class group on Facebook.com Bear River High School Class of 2000.


Reunion scheduled for Saturday, August 21

Mark your calendars for our 10 Year Reunion, Saturday, August 21!
We have reserved The Lodge at Maddox.
Please fill out the questionnaire below & submit.
If you would like to be on the Alumni Blog Link List, please leave your blog address in a comment on the blog. I will update from there. THANK YOU!!!


While you're at it...PICTURES!

Please make sure to fill in and submit the questionnaire below. If you keep in touch with any classmates let them know of this site and the questionnaire. This will be our best bet at collecting info, and including as many classmates as possible! We want everyone to know about our reunion as it approaches.

We would like to collect pictures for a reunion montage/ video. Please send in any of your high school favorites; dances, sports, just hanging out, etc., and also a current picture of you. We would like pictures of you doing what you do best! Maybe one of your hobbies, you at work, or a picture with your family, or all of the above. Do you ever hangout with old friends, or get together for special occasions? We'd love to see those pictures as well. We'll do our best to include them in the video, we would like to feature everyone.
Please email pictures to brhsclass2000@gmail.com. If you prefer to send a CD, email me for further info.
Thank you! This will be fun!!!


Where Are You Now?

In an attempt to gather information for our reunion we thought it might be fun to get back in touch with our classmates from BRHS Class of 2000.

It's easy, just create your own blog on blogspot.com if you don't already have one (it's 100% free and very quick). Don't forget to create a link to our class blog in your friend link list.
Please leave a comment on the Bear River High Class of 2000 BLOG with your first and last name (maiden name for girls) and include your blog site address. We'll add your blog and name to the list of classmates. Also, if you keep in contact with anyone from high school that is not on our list of classmates, please let them know about this site by email or telephone so that they too can be a part of our website.

If anything it will be a good opportunity to keep in touch. Thanks!

10 Year Class Reunion

So we didn't have 5 year high school reunion, but we are planning a 10 year reunion.
We need to start tracking down everyone so that we can make sure you are all aware of the plans. It is still a couple years away, but will arrive quickly. Check this blog to see any updates, we may also do polls etc. to get input on how you would like the reunion to pan out. In the mean time, leave a comment for us with your email, blog, website etc. so that we can relay any new information to you! Or if you would like to contact us through email, it is brhsclass2000@gmail .
Please tell all those that you are still in contact with about this blog so we can spread the word! We hope to hear from as many of you as possible! We are still trying to plan the reunion committee, if you would like to be involved please comment or e-mail & let me know. The class officers are also coming up with names & may be in contact with some of you. If you have any great ideas, fundraising ideas, or things you would like to see happen for this reunion, please let me know. Please sign up for this website, as we will also be adding reunion updates to it.

Hope to hear from you soon, please pass the word along.