Here is the list of those that have purchased their tickets.
Do you want to be on this list? Please purchase tickets, using the button to the right ASAP. Or email brhsclass2000@gmail.com if you would like to mail a check.
(Please let me know if you have paid through Paypal, and don't see your name.)

Kearston Adams
Vicky (Andersen) Sleeman
Derek Anderson
Heidi (Anderson) Hinckley
Joell (Argyle) Rigby
Afton (Barksdale) Hinckley
Riley Buck **
Sadie Christensen
Colten Corbett
Shawn Croney
Amber Darley
Derek Davis
Kassie (DeJarnatt) Voigt
Monica (Eberhard) Jensen
Jacquelin (Evans) Rupp
Jeremy Francom
Tiffani (Fronk) Roche
LeAnn Garbanati
Micah Garbanati
Lisa (Gardner) Mills
Paul Garrett
James Hall
Tangi (Hanks) Reese
Cammie (Harris) Warren
Richard Harris
Danny Hawkes
Jami (Hidalgo) Hobbs
Joni (Hidalgo) McDougal**
Jason Hill
Kristin (Hirschi) Montero
Arianne (Holladay) Duckett
Harmony Holmgren
Celeste (Hurd) Marchant
Mandi (Johnsen) Bingham
Tiffany (Jensen) Olsen
Wade Jeppesen
Lindsey Larson
Rex Larson
Katie Lasley**
Brady Lewis
Holli (Lewis) Christensen
Travis Lund
Brooks (Madsen) Nelson
Tiffany (Mansfield) Christensen
Trevor Marble
Jennie (May) Bruns
Marcie (Meyer) Mitchell
Carli (Misrasi) Jones
Darbie (Munns) Redford
Kara (Munns) Welling
Janet (Nessen) King
Jessi (Newman) Thompson
Jonathan Newman
Chrissi (Nicholas) Roche**
Katie (Okada) Meidell
Brandon Oyler
Jake Oyler
Clifton Palmer
Tawna Perkins
Evelyn (Petersen) Heaton
Jackie (Pierce) Leishman
Kimberly (Profaizer) Lovell
Ryan Pugsley
Chelsi (Rhode) McCorristin
Sharmarie (Rhodes) Busby
Ginger (Rich) Buck**
Darin Richins
Dusty Roche**
Matt Scott
Nate Smith
Gene Stephens
Erin (Sutherland) Wheatley
Mark Taylor
Jason Thompson**
Kisty (Thompson) Morris
Cameron Toone
Jake Tracy
Ladd Udy
Jake Warburton
Joseph Wheatley
Randi (Williams) Hirschi
Nick Wilson
Tyler Woodworth
Casey Zundel


Jennie said...

are most people bringing spouses/significant others?

Hootie & Chrissi said...

Hi Jennie,
I'd say right now about 70% are bringing their spouse. But several are leaving them home for the night, especially girls. ;) Either way works. Is that answer clear as mud? Hope you can make it.

Jennie said...

Thanks Chrissi! I just bought my ticket. See ya there!