10 Year Class Reunion

So we didn't have 5 year high school reunion, but we are planning a 10 year reunion.
We need to start tracking down everyone so that we can make sure you are all aware of the plans. It is still a couple years away, but will arrive quickly. Check this blog to see any updates, we may also do polls etc. to get input on how you would like the reunion to pan out. In the mean time, leave a comment for us with your email, blog, website etc. so that we can relay any new information to you! Or if you would like to contact us through email, it is brhsclass2000@gmail .
Please tell all those that you are still in contact with about this blog so we can spread the word! We hope to hear from as many of you as possible! We are still trying to plan the reunion committee, if you would like to be involved please comment or e-mail & let me know. The class officers are also coming up with names & may be in contact with some of you. If you have any great ideas, fundraising ideas, or things you would like to see happen for this reunion, please let me know. Please sign up for this website, as we will also be adding reunion updates to it.

Hope to hear from you soon, please pass the word along.


brady lewis said...

I chatted with Matt Scott today. I don't know if he was kidding or not but he had what I think is a great idea. He said that we should go on a cruise for our reunion! They are cheap and it would give us more time to catch up. Anyway, we should get some ideas rolling.

Anonymous said...

Jim & Rachel (Rucker) Roberts


Christensen Family said...

My husband was in charge of his 10 year reunion in California. We had it in the conference room of a hotel and had the dinner catered. We did a pamphlet/booklet that we gave to everyone. There was a section titled "A Look Back" that had lists of popular music, popular movies/actors & actresses/best pictures, sports champions, big things in the news, etc. from that year. Then a section "Where We are Now". Everyone sent in an updated picture of themselves and/or their family and what they were doing- career, family, interests, what they have been up to since graduation, where lived, contact info, etc. We did some awards: traveled the farthest, had the most kids, who became what was predicted they would from high school, etc. There was music and dancing after the dinner. Mostly everyone just visited and got caught up though. We were going to do a slide show (pictures set to music) of pics from high school and such but didn't. I hope all of this made sense. Anyway... just some ideas I guess.

Christensen Family said...

This blog is a great idea. I wish we would have known about blogs when we were planning his. We used classmates.com to try to find everyone. This would have been really nice. So I am going to have to use your idea and set one up for his class. I have a little while before his 20 year though. :)

Anonymous said...

Marleen (Olsen) Stanley
Layton, UT


Rees said...

Hi this is Chris Rees from BRHSBEARS.COM. Thanks for posting the alumni link for class members to sign up. I hope to revamp the now 6 year old site. Please email me at crees (at) bearrivernet.net if you have any questions

Chris Rees
1996 BRHS Alumni
BRHSbears.com Admin