While you're at it...PICTURES!

Please make sure to fill in and submit the questionnaire below. If you keep in touch with any classmates let them know of this site and the questionnaire. This will be our best bet at collecting info, and including as many classmates as possible! We want everyone to know about our reunion as it approaches.

We would like to collect pictures for a reunion montage/ video. Please send in any of your high school favorites; dances, sports, just hanging out, etc., and also a current picture of you. We would like pictures of you doing what you do best! Maybe one of your hobbies, you at work, or a picture with your family, or all of the above. Do you ever hangout with old friends, or get together for special occasions? We'd love to see those pictures as well. We'll do our best to include them in the video, we would like to feature everyone.
Please email pictures to brhsclass2000@gmail.com. If you prefer to send a CD, email me for further info.
Thank you! This will be fun!!!

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